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Bigger Breakfast

2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 hash browns, 2 eggs, beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms and 2 slices of toast or fried bread.


Regular Breakfast

1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 hash brown, 1 egg, beans, mushrooms or grilled tomato and 1 slice of toast or fried bread.


Veggie Breakfast

1 Veggie Sausage, 1 Egg, 1 Hash Brown, Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato and a slice of Toast or Fried Bread.


Breakfast Bun

Choose 2 items from the breakfast menu in a lightly toasted floured bap.


Saver Breakfast

Bacon, sausage, egg and beans.



With beans or egg.



With maple syrup.



With bacon and maple syrup.


Toasted Tea Cake

With butter and jam.


Round of Toast

With butter and jam.


Light  BITES

Jacket Potato

Served with butter and salad garnish









Homemade coleslaw



Served with chips and coleslaw

Cheese and Ham


Tuna and Cheese


Cheese, Mushroom and Onion Melt


Corned Beef and Onion


Portion of Chips


Chips and Gravy


Cheesy Chips


Main Courses

Ham, egg & chips

Topped with 2 eggs and served with chips and beans


Sausage & Egg

2 sausages & 2 eggs served with chips and beans


Classic Hot Dog

Covered in fried onions then finished off with ketchup and mustard served with a side of chips and coleslaw


Uncle Sam's Loaded Burger

Served with bacon and cheese in a brioche bun with burger sauce and gherkin garnish served with chips and coleslaw


Pie of the Day

Served with chips or mash, peas and gravy


Gammon & Chips

Served with fried egg or pineapple ring with chips and peas


Fish & Chips

Hand battered cod served with chips and peas


Scampi, chips & peas

Served with a dash of tartar sauce and lemon


Homemade Chicken Parmesan

Served with chips, salad and a generous serving of garlic mayo




Strawberry Delight

Strawberry ice cream topped with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and a wafer.


Toffee Crunch

Vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, crunchy honeycomb pieces and sticky toffee sauce.


Chocolate Sundae

Chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream, a chocolate flake and rich chocolate sauce.


Kids Sundae

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with a flake and a choice of either chocolate, toffee or strawberry sauce.


Pancake Stack or a Hot Waffle

Served with ice cream/whipped cream and a choice of sauce


Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Served with Whipped Cream or Ice Cream with Whipped Cream or Ice Cream


Cake of the Day








Hot Chocolate


Small Soda


Large Soda


Small Slush


Large Slush


Kids Drink


Bottled Water


Selected Cans




Soda Float


Super Shakes


Chocolate milkshake topped with a generous slice of fudge cake, whipped cream, chocolate pieces and covered with a rich chocolate sauce.


Toffee Waffle

Toffee milkshake topped with a sweet tasty waffle, whipped cream, toffee popcorn, fudge pieces and even more toffee sauce.


Donut Delight

Strawberry milkshake topped with an iced donut, whipped cream and a selection of classic American candy.


Something for the KIDS

English Breakfast

Sausage, egg, beans, and toast (Add 2 pieces of toast and butter to your English breakfast for only £1.25)


Cowboy Breakfast

Beans and 2 pork sausages


Maple Syrup Stack

3 Pancakes, served with maple syrup


Kids Meals

Choose from Sausage, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers or a Beef Burger in a Bun. Served with Chips and beans or salad and a choice of a small soda or kids drink.




Located at rear of Playland Esplanade, Redcar


Uncle Sam's Diner
Playland Amusements, 14- 17 Esplanade
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